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Diet is a very important part of caring for your dog the old saying you get out what you put in has never been more true.

There is 2 feet low quality foods will find them bulked out With cheap additives meaning you often have to feed more of the product to maintain weight making it a false economy you will also clear up more from the other end.

It is always recommended to feed food with a high meat content and a low cereal content.

There’s been a trend over recent years for grain free dogfood which is suited many dogs with great allergies however recent studies have shown it to have affect on the hearts of certain breeds of dogs please take into consideration when considering any diet that a diet should be completely balanced as it should in human being.


Dog food can be Divided into Four types I will tell you a little about each



This is the most common type of dry dogfood you will find on the market the food Ingredients or ground together to form a dough and then cooked in heat making them a dry biscuit which is convenient to store and feed.

Like all foods and extruded food is only as good as the ingredients originally put in it.



Coldpressed is a relatively new type of food it involves grinding the ingredients as you would with an extruded food but rather than cooking it heat it is cooked at cooler temperatures to maintain some of the vitamins that could be lost.

 Like with extruded food it is only as good as the original ingredients put in it.


Wet food

What food comes in either tins, sachets or chubs it is generally a mixture of meat, cereals and vegetables Some are designed to be fed as a complete food others are designed to be mixed with biscuit us a complimentary food Often tinned meat is designed to be appealing to the human eye rather than actually containing high-quality nutritional value.

As with all foods there is a variation in cost and quality depending on the ingredients within it when shopping for this type of food you should not be drawn to the illustrations of stew like meals you should look at the actual ingredients on the back of the packaging.


Raw diet

Raw diet is extremely up and coming and very trendy at present.

Done correctly it can be a wonderful natural alternative for your dog however the emphasis on is on done correctly There are some manufacturers manufacturing complete raw meals which takes some of the guesswork out of it meaning that the meal is balanced with the correct ratios rather than you having to mix your own these are of course somewhat more expensive than preparing your own food from scratch.

These are certainly a good starting point to the newly initiated.

When feeding any form of raw meat particular attention should be paid to how it is prepared and insuring that it has been frozen prior to use as the freezing process kills parasites and bacteria that could be present.

There are a number of social media support groups for those wishing to feed a raw diet.

Some veterinarians are very against raw feeding they believe it can promote things such as ingested bones causing obstructions and food poisoning.

Others are supportive.


Below you will find some links to some Manufacturers / suppliers of foods of all types that we believe have reasonable to high-quality ingredients Based on the opinion of


Natures Menu

Natural Instinct

Wold Tucker

Forthglade website